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Overview of the GRC-ISMS - WEBINAR

Understand how the GRC-ISMS helps make your GDPR programme more effective and above all sustainable.

Join us on one of our webinars to find out more.

What is covered in the webinar?

Understand how the GRC-ISMS 5 step DSAR process systematically provides a framework to complete, track & report on DSARs with escalation when things begin to slip.

Learn how the GRC-ISMS saves time and effort by utilising workflow & automatic email notifications to encourage staff to complete their privacy obligations on time

Appreciate how the GRC-ISMS establishes sound privacy processes to help staff manage privacy & information security more effectively. You can implement organisation wide risk assessments, eLearning, information asset management, delivery of documents etc.

Discover how the GRC-ISMS tracks and holds logs of all user activity. Dashboards bring this data to life providing managers with insight to operations based enabling them to manage risk more effectively.

Recognise how the GRC-ISMS brings the benefits of cloud deployment, and access to modern technologies featuring dashboard displays, responsive pages so that content can be easily displayed on mobile devices, all delivered via a secure cloud deployment.

Learn how the GRC-ISMS helps implement and sustain effective business processes to provide alignment and evidence to comply with a wide range of standards and security frameworks.

When is the webinar?

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Time: 2:30 PM (GMT)

Duration: 40 minutes

Where is the Webinar?

The webinar is being hosted using Webex. You will be emailed a link inviting you to join the webinar.

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